Human growth factors from human expression models, hypoimmune cell lines to unlock allogeneic pathways, and iPSC reprogramming with the safest downstream clinical profile.

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As bench scientists first and solution providers second, we have leveraged decades of in-house problem-solving to develop technologies that increase cell-based workflow efficiency and lower experiment costs. Our human recombinant growth factors solicit best-in-class cell bioactivity levels, and our hypoimmune cell lines can accelerate your allogeneic pathway aspirations.

iPS Cell Reprogramming Methods

ipsc cell reprogramming

Our iPSC reprogramming methods use non-integrating, episomal DNA with our proprietary mix of transcription factors and small molecule chemistry.

Our patented method is non-fibroblast dependent, virus and oncogene-free, and efficiently reprograms adherent and suspension-based cell populations.

We program cells without using transcription factors c-Myc, l-Myc, and Lin28, all of which are linked to neoplastic formations, effectively lowering the clinical risk profiles of downstream differentiated cells.

Our intellectual property is unencumbered and readily available for research, co-development, and licensing opportunities.

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Human Recombinant Growth Factors & Cytokines

Our proprietary expression platforms produce human recombinant growth factor proteins to produce best-in-class biologics with fully native post-translational modification (PTM) and glycosylation profiles. Unlike proteins expressed from non-human E. coli and CHO-based systems, which are truncated to eliminate the glycosylated peptide sequence, our proteins reflect complete PTM profiles and glycosylation moieties that closely resemble proteins produced in utero.

Our high-quality, cost-effective growth factors are designed to promote optimal cell differentiation while lowering overall workflow costs. Discover the performance benefits of growth factor proteins with human PTMs, correct folding structure, and optimal stability.

Our standard human recombinant growth factor portfolio can be customized further for your research and therapeutic development needs.

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Human Recombinant Growth Factors Cytokines

Hypoimmune Cell Lines

Using proprietary cell line engineering methods, our immunotolerant stem cells do not express canonical human leukocyte antigen (HLA) molecules, such as major histocompatibility complex (MHC) Class I and Class II. These immune evasive cells eliminate the burdens of HLA-type matching for allogeneic therapeutic design and cell transplantation applications. Our starting cell lines leverage our proprietary virus and oncogene-free programming methods to eliminate downstream safety risks and potential off-target effects.

Furthermore, these immunotolerant cells can be targeted for downstream reprogramming and terminally differentiated cell types. These cells can also be programmed to deliver biological payloads.

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When faced with our in-house technical challenges and budget constraints, we went back to first principles to design scalable and cost-effective technologies.
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