Human HaCaT Keratinocyte Cells

Human HaCaT Keratinocyte Cells


Cryopreserved vial of human keratinocyte cells (~500,000 cells)

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Product Overview

Human cells derived from keratinocytes. These cells are frozen at the first passage and exhibit robust growth characteristics in cell culture with fast doubling times and consistent morphology.

Keratinocyte cells are widely used in iPSC reprogramming workflows, cell therapy development, and the study of viral infections, oncogenesis, wound healing, and skin grafting applications. These cells have a high differentiation capacity.

Vial contains approximately 500,000 cells. Shipped with dry ice.

Cell Characteristics

Storage & Stability

Storage Temperature 
 Storage Time
Human HaCaT Keratinocyte Cells
(preferably in the vapor phase of a liquid nitrogen storage unit)
12 months
Human HaCaT Keratinocyte Growth Media (not included)
3 months
complete media
(see Media Formulation Instructions on documentation)
Not applicable

Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles for cells. Avoid repeated exposure to room temperature and light for media.

Protocols & Documentation

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