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As bench scientists, we recognize the technical challenges of using standard solutions with human biological systems. We collaborate with academic researchers, drug discovery scientists, and process development professionals to find solutions for their cell line, cell programming, and bioproduction needs.

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Custom Proteins & Peptides

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With our in-house synthetic biology capabilities, CET can design and produce a custom, purified, and fully characterized protein that is specific to your needs. Leveraging our proprietary humanized yeast and immortalized stem cell lines as a starting point, we can develop your research-grade protein or peptide of interest in under 45 days.

Cell Line Engineering

Built on 20 years of cell programming and gene editing experience and expertise, CET can engineer master cell lines for specific applications. From protein and viral vector expression to delivering biological payloads. Let’s discuss your custom cell line development needs.

iPS Cell Reprogramming

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Utilizing non-integrating, episomal DNA with our proprietary mix of transcription and growth factors, plus our patented method to program induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), results in a scalable cell line with the lowest downstream clinical risk profile.

Our methods eliminate the use of c-Myc, l-Myc, and Lin28, which have been linked to downstream neoplastic risks, and our resulting cells are suitable for adherent and suspension-based applications.

Our intellectual property is unencumbered and readily available for research, co-development, and licensing opportunities.



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