Human Multipotent iPS Cells

Human Multipotent iPS Cells


Cryopreserved vial of human multipotent iPS cells (~500,000 cells)

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Product Overview

Cells isolated from cord blood containing lower MHC Class II molecules are programmed using our patented virus-free method using episomal DNA and our proprietary mix of vectors, excluding l-Myc, c-Myc, and Lin28 transcription factors.

The cell line was validated for pluripotency based on colony morphology, alkaline phosphatase expression, and expression of SSEA-4. Cells are free of Mycoplasma and exhibit classical morphology and growth characteristics.

Multipotent stem cells can self-renew through dividing and can be developed into multiple specific cell types for a particular tissue tropism. These cells can be differentiated into all cell types within one lineage for cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and fertility applications.

Vial contains approximately 500,000 cells. Shipped with dry ice.

Cell Characteristics

Stability & Storage

Storage Temperature 
 Storage Time
Human Multipotent iPS Cells
(preferably in the vapor phase of a liquid nitrogen storage unit)
12 months
Human iPS Cells Growth Media
(not included)
3 months
complete media
(see Media Formulation Instructions on documentation)
14 days

Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles for cells. Avoid repeated exposure to room temperature and light for media.

Protocols & Documentation

Download: Product Information Sheet