iPS Cell Episomal Reprogramming Kit

iPS Cell Episomal Reprogramming Kit


iPS Episomal Reprogramming Kit (1 vial)


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Product Overview

Proprietary episomal plasmid mix where individual reprogramming factors (RFs) are placed in EBNA-1 containing vectors containing a CMV promoter with appropriate poly A sequences. This kit allows for high expression levels of RFs such as Oct-4, Sox-2, and Klf-4 while avoiding the oncogenic potential of transcription factors such as c-Myc, l-Myc, and Lin28. Along with these Yamanaka factors, the kit contains a p53 anti-sense element, which is necessary for preventing apoptosis in cells that are in the process of reprogramming, along with a Red Fluorescent Protein Reporter tag to determine transfection efficiency and episomal silencing.

This episomal kit has numerous advantages over using either mRNA or Sendai Virus-based reprogramming methodologies, including (i) a single transfection step, (ii) inherent clearance of exogenous episomal DNA during cell division compared to repeated passaging required using Sendai Virus, (iii) no introduction of viral DNA and subsequent viral protein expression and (iv) low cost due to the avoidance of repeated transfection.

Vial of cryopreserved reprogramming DNA.

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